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TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL SERVICE ALBANIA AND TOURS (hereinafter referred to as TISA TOURS) is an Operator of Tourist Services in the sense of Law no. 93/2015 “On Tourism”, as amended, Law no. 9902, dated 17.4.2008, “On Consumer Protection” as amended, of Law no. 7850, dated 29.07.1994 “Civil Code of the Republic of Albania”, as amended, of Law no. 9899, dated 10.03.2008 “On Personal Data Protection”, as amended, as well as by-laws on its implementation, the Opinion of the Commissioner on the Protection of Data on Public and Private Auditors Internet Pages, TISA TOURS exercises its activity according to the following Policies in order to meet today’s and future needs of its customers.

TISA TOURS considers privacy politics of costumors as a important matter. For this reason, TISA TOURS is committed to strictly enforce all obligations arising from the applicable legal framework for personal data protection. Based on the legislation in force, TISA TOURS has developed and implemented these Privacy Policy (“Policies”) to inform anyone about personal data handling by TISA TOURS. These policies constitute a mandatory act for the administrator, employees of TISA TOURS as well as for TISA TOURS’ relations with its touristic or non-tourism partners. The policy presents in a very functional manner the rights and obligations of staff and clients in the context of fulfilling their duty for the services provided by TISA TOURS.

Personal Data and Their Processing Personal data are any information for a natural person who is identified or identifiable. Personal data processing is any action that is performed completely or automatically with automatic means, with personal data such as collection, registration, retention, sorting, adaptation, correction, counseling, exploitation, use, blocking, deletion or destruction or any other action , as well as data transmission . What data is processed by TISA TOURS Personal Data TISA TOURS will receive from its customers the necessary data for the fulfillment of its activity such as: adjective name, landline / mobile number and email address. Processing of Personal Data and Information 1 Constitution of Albania, Articles 35 and 36; Law No. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 “On the Protection of Personal Data”, as amended; Law no. 93/2015 “On Tourism”, as well as other sub-legal acts in their completion and implementation. TISA TOURS may process such personal data in accordance with Article 6 of Law no. 9887, dated 10.03.2008 “On Personal Data Protection”, amended, (“Law 9887”) only upon prior acceptance by the client, for the purpose of providing tourist service and internal statistics related to the provision of services tourist facilities that make up the object of its activity. TISA TOURS informs customers of the type of data being processed before giving approval for their processing.

Clients and users have the right to retreat at any time by the approval they have made. TISA TOURS will store and process the personal information necessary for booking, billing and tourist service delivery upon request. The manner of storage, the duration, the way of processing traffic data are set out in the Regulation on Protection, Processing, Preservation and Security of Personal Data. Personal data is processed only by responsible persons, authorized by TISA TOURS, who are responsible for billing and customer service, while processing should, necessarily, be limited to the development of TISA TOURS activity.

Types of data processed by TISA TOURS are: Data provided voluntarily by the Client, namely surname name, landline / mobile number and email address. TISA TOURS does not process sensitive data determined under Article 3 of Law 9887.

Pursuant to Article 17 of Law 9887, you are entitled to the right to claim compensation in accordance with the rules set out in the Civil Code if you have been harmed as a result of the illegal processing of personal data.